Zeta Max

    The Zeta Max HRP Polymer Detection Kit uses an amplifying reagent (Zeta Max Amplifier) in conjunction with Zeta HRP Polymer (anti-mouse HRP/anti-rabbit HRP) to increase the signal intensity of primary antibodies. The mouse primary antibody specific to an antigen on the formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue section is detected by the Zeta Max Amplifier. The Amplifier reagent is then detected by Zeta HRP Polymer. The Zeta HRP Polymer and the Zeta Max Amplifier reagents are ready-to-use and provided in convenient dropper bottles.

    The Zeta MAX utilizes unique technology to amplify mouse primary antibodies and particularly antibodies expressed in the nucleus. Zeta MAX reagent penetrates the tissues to tag the primary antibody sites to amplify and generate a multitude of sites for the micro-HRP polymer to bind.

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