The Rabbit Monoclonal antibodies
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    Antibodies for Dermatopathology
    Zeta develops highly specific and sensitive primary antibodies suitable for routine and differential diagnosis in anatomic pathology laboratories.
    MonoMAb™ antibodies are uniquely developed Monospecific antibodies by running the selective clones through a high throughput protein chip to demonstrate and select the most specific one.
    RAbMono™ Rabbit monoclonal antibodies are uniquely produced and target-validated for IHC on FFPE tissue sections. They stand out because of their superior specificity, low background, and high affinity.


    Zeta Corporation is a biomedical company based in Southern California with ISO 13485 and FDA certifications. Zeta develops, manufactures, and distributes highly specific and sensitive IVD antibodies for Pathology/IHC on FFPE tissue sections.

    Specifically, Zeta designs and develops tumor-specific biomarkers using cutting-edge technologies to uniquely select the immunogens for our famed  MonoSpecific monoclonal antibodies. Zeta is committed to providing the highest quality of antibodies to aid pathologists in diagnosing human diseases.