Rabbit Monoclonal antibodies
    RAbMono™: Superior specificity, low background, high affinity
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    MonoMAb™ antibodies
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    Thanksgiving 2021
    Thank you to all of you for your support and cooperation throughout the year. We are always thankful and Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to express it again. Happy Thanksgiving to all and wonderful and peaceful holidays.
    Zeta develops highly specific and sensitive primary antibodies suitable for routine and differential diagnosis in anatomic pathology laboratories.
    MonoMAb™ antibodies are uniquely developed Monospecific antibodies by running the selective clones through a high throughput protein chip to demonstrate and select the most specific one.
    RAbMono™ Rabbit monoclonal antibodies are uniquely produced and target-validated for IHC on FFPE tissue sections. They stand out because of their superior specificity, low background, and high affinity.


    Zeta Corporation is a biomedical company based in Southern California with ISO 13485 and FDA certifications. Zeta develops, manufactures, and distributes highly specific and sensitive IVD antibodies for Pathology/IHC on FFPE tissue sections.

    Specifically, Zeta designs and develops tumor-specific biomarkers using cutting-edge technologies to uniquely select the immunogens for our famed  MonoSpecific monoclonal antibodies. Zeta is committed to providing the highest quality of antibodies to aid pathologists in diagnosing human diseases.