ZR410 Rabbit Monoclonal

    ZAP-70 is a 70 kD protein tyrosine kinase found in T-cells and natural killer cells. Control of this protein translation is via the IgVH gene. ZAP-70 protein is expressed in leukemic cells of approximately 25% of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) cases as well. ZAP-70 expression is an excellent surrogate marker for the distinction between the Ig-mutated (ZAP-70 negative) and Ig-unmutated (ZAP-70 positive) CLL subtypes and can identify patient groups with divergent clinical courses. The ZAP-70 positive Ig-unmutated CLL cases have a poorer prognosis.

    Species Reactivity:Humans; others not tested
    Known Applications:Immunohistochemistry (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues)
    Supplied As:Buffer with protein carrier and preservative
    Storage:Store at 2ºC to 8ºC
    Control:Tonsil, CLL/SLL
    Visualization:Cytoplasmic and cell surface
    Immunogen:Recombinant fragment (around aa 200-400) of human ZAP70 protein
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    Classification IVD
    Catalogue Number Z2766RL
    Classification IVD
    Catalogue Number Z2766RL
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    IFU-ZAP-70 ZR410
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