Urinary Pathology
    ZM204 Mouse Monoclonal

    The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the transmembrane 4 superfamily, also known as the tetraspanin family. Most of these members are cell-surface proteins that are characterized by the presence of four hydrophobic domains. The proteins mediate signal transduction events that play a role in the regulation of cell development, activation, growth and motility. This encoded protein is found in the asymmetrical unit membrane (AUM) where it can complex with other transmembrane 4 superfamily proteins. It may play a role in normal bladder epithelial physiology, possibly in regulating membrane permeability of superficial umbrella cells or in stabilizing the apical membrane through AUM/cytoskeletal interactions. The protein may also play a role in tumor suppression.

    Species Reactivity:Humans; others not tested
    Known Applications:Immunohistochemistry (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues)
    Supplied As:Buffer with protein carrier and preservative
    Storage:Store at 2ºC to 8ºC
    Control:Bladder or urothelial carcinoma
    Visualization:Cytoplasmic and membranous
    Isotype:IgG2b /κ + IgG1 /κ
    Immunogen:Recombinant fragment (around aa 114-173) of human Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) protein; recombinant fragment (around aa 109-229) of human Uroplakin 1B (UPK1B)
    Ordering Information
    Classification IVD
    Catalogue Number Z2522ML
    Classification IVD
    Catalogue Number Z2522ML
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    IFU-Uroplakin ZM204
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