Operation Manager/Supervisor

    About the job

    The operation manager/supervisor will perform product manufacture and inventory management and oversee company operations, ongoing procedures, and employee productivity. Upon receiving written orders from their designees, the operation manager/supervisor will coordinate the daily workflow of routine procedures or special operations. The company will provide proper training on operating the product reality and traceability.


    1. Establish and maintain business standards for accuracy, productivity, and reliability. Performs all routine and special procedures, which may include but are not limited to:
    a) Inventory management: Check stock, print labels, cross-check outgoing products, packing, and shipping.
    b) Manufacture antibodies and detection reagents
    c) Vial concentration and pre-diluted antibodies and detection kits.
    d) Monitors inventory of antibodies, reagents, and supplies and places orders for replacements as required

    2. Manage the daily functions of the business. Maintains all lab equipment in a proper state of readiness and cleanliness.
    3. Performs other duties as needed.
    4. Organizes work time efficiently. Capable of determining priorities when organizing daily assignments.
    5. Shows the ability to handle unexpected situations and exercise independent thought and action.
    6. Utilizes supplies in a non-wasteful manner.
    7. Able to recognize the importance of company policy.
    8. Accepts and follows company policy.
    9. Can be counted on to report to work as scheduled.
    10. Prepare annual performance reviews and reevaluate processes.
    11. Ensure regulatory, compliance, and legal rules are followed.
    12. Manage the budget to align with the goals of the business.
    13. Train and assist the team as needed.
    14. Managing the safety team.


    1. Major in biology, life science, or working in biotech-related fields for more than five years.
    2. Two years of supervisory or manager experience in biotech or medical-related companies.
    3. Understanding of advanced business planning and regulatory issues
    4. Solid grasp of data analysis and performance metrics.
    5. Color discrimination is required to verify the diagnostic quality of staining processes so that essential features of tissue sections can be appropriately defined.
    6. Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
    7. Strong organizational and communication skills.
    8. Strong ability to multitask.
    9. Comfort working with multiple groups within the business.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    1. Familiar with ISO 13485:2016 or other ISO regulations.
    2. Previous experience in e-commerce. Knowing WordPress, Godaddy, or other platforms.